Brad has helped clients develop careers in web design, human resources, professional writing, costume design, nonprofit management, photography, sustainability, graphic design, teaching, horticulture, corporate communications,  project management, mental health services... and more! 

Here's what some of those clients have had to say...

I can’t say enough about how much Brad has helped me. His insights are spot on and it’s been a pleasure working with him ...career coach extraordinaire!
— G.C., Boston
I just got an amazing and challenging job offer - and am still a bit in disbelief! Reflecting back on my two year journey, I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without Brad. We started with biweekly sessions for two months, which really laid the fundament for everything else to grow. As things came up, I have reached out a few times since then for a bit of fine-tuning. Finally, it was very powerful to have a coach in my corner as I was navigating an intense interview process. All of it has been an empowering experience! While Brad can’t do the work for you, he will nudge you to a place where you can take it to the next level yourself.
— V. P., Los Angeles
I have never experienced coaching before and the sessions with Brad were a wonderful introduction to the world of coaching. I was really impressed by the ability of Brad to sense my thoughts and interpret them in a contemplative way, in order to discover the very deep roots of whatever I was thinking or feeling- especially since our communication was not in person and English is not my native language. In my opinion, he is very intelligent and endowed with insight.
— D.F., Athens, Greece
I just wanted to send you a huge thank you. Our weekly calls changed my life. The calls talked me back to me, the me I was prior to the trauma of a horrible working situation... I am honored to have you share your wisdom with me. Good will come out of any situation, I am proof. With each call I learn, feel and know my direction… thanks Brad for all that you do for me. This is MY LIFE STORY….well just a part of it.
— M.A., Georgia
My time with Brad was brief, yet completely transformative. Talking with Brad was like having a mirror in front of me for the first time in years. Because of our talks, I’ve been able to rediscover my strengths, identify key issues in my life and put together both a long and short term plan for creating a happy and fulfilling life. Because of Brad’s ability to guide, I now feel renewed, hopeful, and empowered about my future.
— B.M., Wisconsin
Brad Waters showed the highest possible levels of professionalism, sensitivity, guidance, compassion, intuition, and intelligence…Minutes into our initial phone consultation, I knew he was a perfect fit. His working method gave me both the structure and the freedom that I needed without feeling constrained or rushed. Brad is an excellent and patient listener. He made me feel comfortable, open, and at ease during an especially stressful period of my life…I sincerely and emphatically recommend him as a career coach.
— E.H., Chicago
Working with Brad was my first experience with coaching. I was skeptical at first mainly because I thought “I should be able to figure this out on my own”. Now I can say that Brad was instrumental in my transition from Corporate America to the Social Entrepreneurship space. He became my sounding board throughout the process. He not only provided tools to make my job search more efficient but also helped me discern which opportunities were worth pursuing. His insight and advice were spot on when we designed strategies to tackle career and networking opportunities. Brad is perceptive, methodical and approachable. I highly recommend him!
— G.R., San Francisco
When I first began working with Brad, I had very clear ideas in my head about things I wanted- related to both my career as a musician and my dream of becoming a web designer. But the thought of actually achieving them was very distant and far-fetched. Brad helped me to break things down into manageable pieces and to focus on my next steps as opposed to getting overwhelmed by the big picture all the time. He also helped me to notice when my “inner critic” is talking loudly, and how I can listen to it and be aware of its presence without wholly giving in to it or letting it stop me in my tracks. I’ll never forget the call when Brad told me I had already achieved my 3-month goals that I had defined after our very first call- I couldn’t believe it! Now, I’m sending my completed CD off to the printers next week, and I’m getting started with my first handful of clients for my new web design business. I can’t wait to see what’s next. Thank you Brad!
— J.R., New York
Through my foundations of coaching class, Brad has coached me several times. I find Brad to be the proverbial “deep listener,” in the sense that he listens not just to my words but to what’s happening underneath. Also, his ability to use metaphors to both reflect back what I’m saying but also to deepen my own understanding of what I’m going through is amazing. I felt an instant sense of trust with Brad in his coaching of me, so much so that I recommended Brad as a coach to someone close to me, and that person quickly became his client. Based on my experiences of being coached by Brad, I highly recommend him.
— G.H., Michigan
I am a freelancer and felt that I needed to be more proactive in finding work, but when I started looking at all the possibilities out there, I became overwhelmed and paralyzed. Since I felt that this was a personal issue as much as a professional one, I chose a life coach rather than a career coach (with some skepticism, to be honest). But Brad was easy to talk to from day one, seeming to be genuinely interested in helping me, and providing a much-needed encouraging and calm voice. The homework from our sessions was actually fun and provided some great “a-ha” moments. And although we only spoke once a week, the client log provided on Brad’s website kept the line of communication always open. This experience has been invaluable in giving me focus and a game plan not just for work but for life.
— L.H., Chicago
Having Brad as my career coach has been nothing but awesome! I can’t say enough positive things about him. In fact I often find myself talking about him all the time with people struggling with their career. I tell them how coaching has given me the tools to find clarity and expand my career goals. Today I follow my passion with gusto! Brad’s “killer combo” is that he gently pushes me in ways that I don’t always realize he’s pushing me. His creative approach encourages me to think outside of the box of what I think is possible for myself. He helps me stay focused on my goals. He has taught me to look at the bigger picture. I see roadblocks now as sand, leading to even greater paths. It is fantastic and I have experienced it firsthand! Some major things I have accomplished since working with Brad are: Completing 2 animated short films and securing a teaching position at a University. Thank you for being a wonderful coach Brad!
— D.D., Los Angeles
I originally chose to work with Brad due to his experience with non-traditional work and helping people define their “whys” and I couldn’t be happier with my results. Brad is great at asking the types of questions that make you think and open your mind to possibilities that you may have never considered before. Not only that, but he truly cares about his clients and worked very closely with me to not only find a job that better aligned with my mission, but also strategies to build my personal brand/story to help build the bigger picture goals I want to achieve. Brad did a great job of opening my eyes and get me taking action, I’m happy to have had the chance to work with him. Thanks!
— H. Z., Chicago
I have to be honest, when I first met with Brad I was extremely skeptical that coaching would be able to help me. I met with him after years of trying to figure out my professional life. I have bounced around to many jobs, read countess books, did that whole “secret” thing. You name it – I’ve tried it. I have to say though- Brad was able to help me SO much in just one session. We nailed down what my passions are and where my talents lie. Four months later, I am now well on my way to becoming a professional photographer and actually already have a portfolio that I am constantly building to, photoshop, clients, and am working on my website. I could not have done it with out Brad.
— K.J., Texas
From the very first orientation session, Mr. Waters was able to focus me as a client by drafting goals and setting expectations of me and for himself. Throughout the sessions we dived deeper into my values, likes, skills, and future goals. He constantly presents a calm demeanor that allowed me as a client to discuss various topics without feeling judged.
— J.S., Chicago
Brad did an excellent job of helping me rethink and feel confident in my skills and experience, focus my job search, and look at options that I hadn’t previously considered. When it came down to a couple of positions I was very excited about, his guidance helped me to create a much more polished resume, and a cover letter that brought the attention to the best of my skills, and appropriately addressed potential red flags. I ended up getting a position that was posted nationally, and the search committee said I was a “strikingly good fit” for their position. I am excited to begin! I would highly recommend Brad to others who are looking to focus and define their job search, and to polish their resumes and cover letters.
— P.G., Michigan