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The vast majority of job seekers search online for job openings. While online job boards are a great way to research jobs and companies, they should only be considered part of a comprehensive job search strategy. Most job seekers find that simply submitting applications online has a low success rate. Networking, crafting a great resume, creating a strong LinkedIn profile, and conducting proactive outreach are essential. I work closely with job seekers to develop comprehensive job search strategies.

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If you happen to come across a job you love, email me to set up a consultation. Together we'll develop your complete professional profile so that you have an amazing resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, networking plan, and application strategy. If you land an interview, I can help you prepare for those tough questions. If you feel you're not qualified for the job, we can create a plan for obtaining the skills and experience necessary to wow employers.. Whether you're unemployed, changing jobs, changing industries, or going solo, anything is possible and it truly helps to have a strategic partner by your side.