How To Get A Job At Google: 8 Preparation Videos

Occasionally I speak with clients who want to work at Google. In fact, a looong time ago, when Google was an emerging cool company to work for, I even applied with them (without success). We know these are highly competitive jobs and it can be difficult to get a foot in the door. I've chosen eight YouTube videos, full of tips from actual Google employees, to give your application and interview process a strategic edge.

In addition to watching these videos, the best thing you can do to prepare for a Google job or ANY job, is to learn everything you can about the company. Acquaint yourself with their website, their LinkedIn page, their social media accounts, their press releases, and how they are showing up in the news or industry publications. Don't not do this! Here's why:

  • Companies will often publish tips for applying and interviewing with their company. It could get embarrassing if you don't know the basics before going in.
  • Companies want candidates who really get them. Learn the company mission, their corporate culture, their strategic vision, their professional voice, their client, their product, etc. Your research will make you better versed in an interview and it will help you exude excitement. If you do this research and find yourself NOT excited, should you really be applying?
  • Know the bottom line: The company has a problem and you're being invited to demonstrate how you can be part of the solution. So what is the company's problem? Are they growing rapidly and need to keep up with demand? Are they in a highly competitive sector and needing a visionary to help them stay on top of the game? Are they struggling financially? Did your predecessor quit the position and leave the company overwhelmed? If you can pinpoint their problem, you'll be able to demonstrate how you're their new problem solver. This is your chance to be the hero.

In the case of Google, there is fortunately a lot of information out there on how to get hired. There's also a lot of garbage. In these videos you'll hear directly from current and former employees about which hiring hearsay is fact vs. urban legend. You will learn which competencies they are looking for and how to demonstrate them. You'll hear sample interview questions and how to approach them. And you'll learn how to structure your resume so it stands out from the crowd.

If you still have questions after watching all these videos, just Google it!

Two engineers from Google Chicago discuss how to get your resume noticed by Google engineers. Go to to learn how we hire, or go straight to to search for a job!

Watch Fitz and Ben from Google Chicago answer discuss Google's interview process and if the horror stories about lots of interviews and long wait times are true. Go to to learn how we hire, or go straight to to search for a job!

Two software engineers from Google Pittsburgh discuss how to prepare for technical interviews. If you're interested in applying for one of our roles, please visit our job site:, and to learn more about how we hire, visit

Google employees dispel hiring myths and tell it like it is.

A former Google employee shares the hiring scoop.

Three members of Google's Staffing team talk about how candidates can prepare their resumes for technical roles in this Hangout on Air video from March 13, 2013. The group discusses how to structure your resume, what skills recruiters do and don't look for, and how best to tailor your CV for our engineering jobs and our other technical roles.

Google resume tips & tricks.

Googlers Fitz and Ben answer questions about the qualities Google looks for in its prospective Engineering employees.