Successful Creatives Who Didn’t Have A College Degree

Creative ability knows no rules or boundaries. One does not have to be born with innate talent, nor does attending school equate to success. While a lifetime of continuing one’s education is certainly a good thing, here are some famous creatives who didn’t obtain a college degree before achieving success:

1. Walt Disney (visionary)

2. Halle Berry (actress)

3. Walt Whitman (poet)

4. Fiona Apple (musician)

5. The Beatles (musicians)

6. Ansel Adams (photographer)

7. Adele (musician)

8. Woody Allen (writer/director/actor)

9. Jane Austen (writer)

10. David Bowie (musician)

11. Picasso (artist)

12. Frank Lloyd Wright (architect)

13. William Faulkner (writer)

14. Jack Kerouac (writer)

15. Robert Frost (writer)

16. Quentin Tarantino (actor/writer/director)

17. Thomas Edison (inventor)

18. Ellen DeGeneres (actor/writer/comedian)

19. Bill Gates (inventor)

20. Oprah (media mogul)