Our Relentless Pursuit For The Secrets of Happiness

This May 2013 issue of TIME is all about happiness. It places new research alongside old stereotypes to reveal some game-changing myths and truths about happiness. Here are some highlights:

1. The pursuit of meaningful goals boosts our happiness. (“it’s about the journey, not the destination”)

2. That old saying “money doesn’t buy happiness” is now considered inaccurate. Modern studies indicate money does correlate to happiness, but there are some caveats. For example, “exhibitionist spending” (buying things to impress others) ends in let down.

3. “In a TIME poll, 60% of respondents said they do not feel better about themselves after spending time on social media, and 76% believe other people make themselves look happier, more attractive and more successful than they actually are on their Facebook page.”

4. Research by Stanford neuroscientist Sylvia Morelli: “”Being distracted reduces our empathy for others and blunts responses in the brain,” says Morelli. “So it’s possible that being distracted may also reduce our own happiness.””

Do these highlights tell you anything new or have you discovered them to be true in your life? Would knowing the latest research on how we approach happiness actually change your behaviors and mindset?