News From The Kitchen Table and Spring/Summer Clients Enrolling Now

After a very busy winter season that saw some clients wait-listed before coming on-board, I'm happy to announce I'm accepting new clients.

It seemed like a lot of people out there had big plans for 2016 and wanted coaching to help them along the way. Top off a full client roster with our being in the midst of house renovations, things got pretty crazy over here. With all the hammering and sawing going on there were days when the only quiet space for a coaching call was inside my car inside my garage. (If you're new here, we moved from Chicago to Los Angeles last year and have been renovating our house since February.) We have a few more projects pending—including lighting in my office—so for now my office is the kitchen table.

On top of feeling misplaced at home, I've made numerous trips to numerous doctors since November to figure out what was going on with my hearing. I had that Charlie-Brown's-teacher's–voice thing going on. So for all the times I said, "I'm sorry, can you repeat that?" please know that I really was listening and feeling very sorry. Six months and many uncomfortable tests later, I'm relieved to report that my hearing is fine. All tests show perfect hearing and I'm feeling much better. All that aside, I've been grateful for a beautiful and peaceful start to the new year.

And what an exciting first quarter it has been for so many of you! I've been incredibly proud of all my clients' hard work and successes. Together we've experienced exciting career transitions, hurdled motivational slumps, and perfected a bunch of tricky resumes. Can't wait to meet new folks and chart uncharted territories through the rest of 2016.

Who Moved My... ?

If you happened to stop by the site looking to download StoryLaunch!—my coaching companion ebook—it has been retired. Not like Rolling Stones retired, but truly done for. StoryLaunch! was my first foray into ebook writing and it was a little project I was very proud of. However, as my professional choose-your-own-adventure has taken me to new places and my voice/expertise/philosophy has grown, it was time to send the ostrich flying. Well, flapping anyway. Who remembers the ostrich from my How About Cake days?!?

Something Something-ish This Way Comes!

Last night I couldn't sleep. Too many ideas. As many of my coaching clients have heard me say time and again: "Write it down! Get the swirling thoughts out of your head so they don't keep you awake." So I'll be taking a spoonful of my own medicine. Nyquil! No, wait. Writing! 

I don't have details to release yet, but there will be something. As I did with StoryLaunch!, I'll likely be releasing teasers on Facebook and here on the blog, so follow along if you're curious.

(Everything I Do) I Do It For You

No, not a Bryan Adams exposé. My next something will, of course, be career related. And I want it to be for you. So I'd like to know what you'd like to know. In the comments section or in an email [], please feel welcome to share what you wish you know now that you might know then but won't know now until it's then. Ya know?

What career-life advice do you wish you'd heard when you were younger? What are your biggest career-life questions and concerns? Chances are, if you're wondering or struggling, so is somebody else. If you let me know then I can let them know.

That's the news from my kitchen table. After my office is spruced up and I'm feeling illuminated I will probably write to you next from... the kitchen table.