Ever Considered a Career in Antiques of "Mantiques"?

I enjoy interviewing and profiling professionals with non-traditional careers. The subject of my recent interview, however, transformed enjoyment into pure jealous. Eric Bradley is a Public Relations Associate for Heritage, the largest collectibles auction house in the world. He also wrote the book Mantiques: A Manly Guide to Cool Stuff. In my Psychology Today interview I talk with Eric about his new book, how he came into his career, why people collect antiques, and how people are making careers out of picking and selling. Plus, he answers two very important questions we antique buffs all want to know:

  • Are the estimates on Antiques Roadshow accurate or are they inflated to make good t.v.?
  • Have you met the Keno brothers?

Click over to the interview, Mantiques Turn Classic Collectibles Into A Cultural Craze