Do You Need A Career-Life Realignment?

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Yeah, a realignment, like when your car has hit too many potholes and it begins steering itself into a 360 pattern when you let go of the wheel. Sometimes we wake up and realize our life has hit too many potholes and we’re just going around in circles.

I’ve been there myself. Traveling down a bumpy road and feeling like there’s no turning back…even though you know you’re actually quite lost. Six years ago I sold the small business that I’d built from the ground up. It was modestly successful: a handful of employees, respected in the community, paying the bills. But it wasn’t me.

So I switched directions and got back into the mental health field- crisis counseling. Again, a respectable steady job that payed the bills. A conventional progression for someone with a Master’s degree in the field. But it wasn’t fully me.

I needed a serious realignment. It began as a thorough self-assessment that found me pulling together all the parts that could create something more authentic. It had to be something that served a purpose greater than myself; fulfilling the helping/teaching part. It had to be something that incorporated writing and various mediums; fulfilling the creative part. And it had to be something that I built from scratch and poured my sweat into; fulfilling the entrepreneurial part. So I founded my own creative coaching and entrepreneurial consulting company where I could create something that is so me.

Do you need a career-life realignment? Maybe the car is going in circles because it needs a 360 degree view of what needs to change. The potholes serve a purpose. After all, we often don’t appreciate a smooth ride until we’ve experienced a bumpy one.

Components of Comprehensive Career-Life Realignment May Include:

  • Core Values Assessment
  • Total Wellbeing Assessment
  • Strengths Spotting
  • Interests & Passions Identification
  • Life Story Editing Tools
  • Goal Establishment and Future Planning
  • Parts Work/Inner Critic Identification

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