Ace Future Job Interviews With This Two Step Strategy

image via HypnoArt/Pixabay

image via HypnoArt/Pixabay

From the title of this article you might guess that I'm about to share some of those tried-and-true job interview tips that you've probably heard before, like: send out a thank-you letter to the employer after your interview. While that is a good tip, I'm going to suggest a new concept that will boost your interviewing confidence.

When I was starting out as a psychotherapist intern—let's just say that was "a few" years back—my supervisor required me to conduct a process recording after every client session. I kind of hated them (the process recordings, that is). But, looking back, they were tremendously helpful and now I suggest the same technique to my job seeking clients. Read the rest in my new article at Psychology Today.

Resume Revamp? Every Word and Every Second Counts

Okay, time to back up our resume strategy with some sobering statistics:

"Less than five minutes—that is how much time a resume is reviewed before it is decided whether a job candidate proceeds to the next step in the hiring process"

That's according to a survey done by the Society For Human Resource Management. Check out the rest of their resume statistics here.

Need some help making every second and every word count? With some of the most affordable rates of any experienced resume/career experts in the country, I will work with you by phone and email to make your resume perfect. Contact me to set up a free phone consultation.

I just helped a client land a 6-figure job and this is what she had to say:

I can’t say enough about how much Brad has helped me. His insights are spot on and it’s been a pleasure working with him... career coach extraordinaire

Customized Resume, Cover Letter, and Professional Branding Services Now Available

 A collaborative approach that not only crafts great documents but teaches clients the building blocks for making these important documents great.

Over the past year I've seen a particular increase in requests for help in the following areas:

  • Custom resume and cover letter review & strategy
  • LinkedIn development
  • Professional narrative/identity development & strategy (branding & messaging)

After years of looking at resumes and cover letters from all imaginable career levels and industries——seeing which land interviews and which don't——I STRONGLY believe that clients should be writing their own materials in their own voice. I've seen too many expensive "professionally" written resumes that lack personality and are full of generic keywords that make the resume seem more robotic than eye-catching. There are certainly many great resume writers out there who take the time to get to know their clients and create effective documents. However, I believe in teaching my clients the building blocks of what makes resumes and cover letters great so that they can continuously revise their documents throughout their professional career. All of my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn reviews include this much needed teaching component.

To respond to this need I've restructured my service line to include new and affordable career strategy packages. Clients with whom I've already conducted these services are reporting very high satisfaction with having a strategy partner to customize their materials and create their 'story'. I'll continue offering my full-service career coaching-consulting package as I have for the past six years, but now clients have the additional option of choosing highly personalized services focusing on their application materials.

Below are my 3 career coaching-consulting packages. Please contact me if you're interested in scheduling a consultation call to discuss rates and how these services can help boost your career. All of my services are available throughout the U.S. by phone and email.

PACKAGE #1: FULL-SERVICE CAREER COACHING-CONSULTING provides highly personalized coaching and consulting services that may include:

  • Skills/strengths/interests inventory
  • Career discovery and clarification
  • Career path planning and strategy
  • Goal setting, motivation and accountability
  • Resume/cover letter/LinkedIn review & strategy
  • Job interview preparation
  • Creating a professional narrative/identity (professional branding & messaging)
  • Job search strategy
  • Career transitions and leveraging your prior experience
  • Possibilities brainstorming

Full-Service Career Coaching-Consulting gives clients access to all of the above coaching-consulting services, 4 phone calls, and access to private client portal with unlimited email/journal access. Additional/ongoing calls available at a per-session rate.

PACKAGE #2: Resume, Cover Letter, & LinkedIn Review/Strategy gives your materials a thorough review and your professional identity a major boost. This is not a resume writing service. Instead, clients send one current version of their resume, a cover letter sample, their LinkedIn profile, and (if available) examples of jobs they're interested in. We then schedule an initial consultation call to discuss your strengths, skills, and goals. I independently review the materials for improvement, email you a mark-up of the materials, and meet with you again by phone (up to 60 minutes) to discuss edits and strategy. A final review email is conducted as needed. The result is a strategic professional identity and narrative that is cohesive throughout your customized materials. Turnaround time is 5-7 days for these services. Additional follow up calls available at a per-session rate.

PACKAGE #3: A La Carte Resume Review/Strategy like above, this service includes an initial consultation call, one resume review, one strategy call (up to 50 minutes), emailed document mark-up, and a final review email as needed. Turnaround time is 5-7 days for these services. Additional follow up calls available at a per-session rate.



Not Another Damn 'How To Write A Resume' Article?!

Source: Tambako The Jaguar/Flickr

Source: Tambako The Jaguar/Flickr

Oh you betcha! It's another damn resume article but this time it's written by me and this time it's fun. In it I incorporate timeless phrases like "junk in the trunk" and "your resume is full of duty".

Resume writing sucks, am I right? An Internet full of conflicting advice and terrible templates makes me pretty snarly. In my job I see a lot of resumes, good and bad, so I see which ones are landing people interviews. That’s its job. So let’s talk about how we can get our resume to do its job…without landing us an anxiety attack.
Resume Golden Rule: Understand the true function of a resume. It’s not an autobiography. It’s not a chronology of duties you perform every day. And, brace yourself, it’s kinda’ not about you! Zing! Pow! Mike drop! Check please!

Ready to find out what a resume is really about? In my article written for Psychology Today, I give tons of tips and resources that will totally transform your resume.

How To Get A Job At Google: 8 Preparation Videos

Occasionally I speak with clients who want to work at Google. In fact, a looong time ago, when Google was an emerging cool company to work for, I even applied with them (without success). We know these are highly competitive jobs and it can be difficult to get a foot in the door. I've chosen eight YouTube videos, full of tips from actual Google employees, to give your application and interview process a strategic edge.

In addition to watching these videos, the best thing you can do to prepare for a Google job or ANY job, is to learn everything you can about the company. Acquaint yourself with their website, their LinkedIn page, their social media accounts, their press releases, and how they are showing up in the news or industry publications. Don't not do this! Here's why:

  • Companies will often publish tips for applying and interviewing with their company. It could get embarrassing if you don't know the basics before going in.
  • Companies want candidates who really get them. Learn the company mission, their corporate culture, their strategic vision, their professional voice, their client, their product, etc. Your research will make you better versed in an interview and it will help you exude excitement. If you do this research and find yourself NOT excited, should you really be applying?
  • Know the bottom line: The company has a problem and you're being invited to demonstrate how you can be part of the solution. So what is the company's problem? Are they growing rapidly and need to keep up with demand? Are they in a highly competitive sector and needing a visionary to help them stay on top of the game? Are they struggling financially? Did your predecessor quit the position and leave the company overwhelmed? If you can pinpoint their problem, you'll be able to demonstrate how you're their new problem solver. This is your chance to be the hero.

In the case of Google, there is fortunately a lot of information out there on how to get hired. There's also a lot of garbage. In these videos you'll hear directly from current and former employees about which hiring hearsay is fact vs. urban legend. You will learn which competencies they are looking for and how to demonstrate them. You'll hear sample interview questions and how to approach them. And you'll learn how to structure your resume so it stands out from the crowd.

If you still have questions after watching all these videos, just Google it!

Two engineers from Google Chicago discuss how to get your resume noticed by Google engineers. Go to to learn how we hire, or go straight to to search for a job!

Watch Fitz and Ben from Google Chicago answer discuss Google's interview process and if the horror stories about lots of interviews and long wait times are true. Go to to learn how we hire, or go straight to to search for a job!

Two software engineers from Google Pittsburgh discuss how to prepare for technical interviews. If you're interested in applying for one of our roles, please visit our job site:, and to learn more about how we hire, visit

Google employees dispel hiring myths and tell it like it is.

A former Google employee shares the hiring scoop.

Three members of Google's Staffing team talk about how candidates can prepare their resumes for technical roles in this Hangout on Air video from March 13, 2013. The group discusses how to structure your resume, what skills recruiters do and don't look for, and how best to tailor your CV for our engineering jobs and our other technical roles.

Google resume tips & tricks.

Googlers Fitz and Ben answer questions about the qualities Google looks for in its prospective Engineering employees.

Landing Interviews But Not Job Offers? 20 Possible Problems

source: Flickr/martinak15

source: Flickr/martinak15

So you're a great candidate with a great resume. You're getting interviews—maybe even second or third round interviews—but then it stops. Somebody else gets the job. Your inner critic chimes in and starts beating you up over what you potentially did wrong. 

The good news is, your application materials are working. Your resume and cover letter are getting you in the door and that can be the biggest hurdle. Now it's time to fine tune your process.

Click here for my list of 20 questions to ask yourself when you're landing interviews but not job offers.