5 Reasons Entrepreneurs and Business Startups Should Journal (via Psychology Today)



The first assignment I give my career coaching and consulting clients is to go out and purchase a journal. Not because I want to hear about what they made for dinner, but because I know they’re about to encounter a lot of information and emotions they’ll need to get out of their heads. For someone exploring career change or starting a business, a journal is one of the best (and cheapest) investments they’ll ever make

Here’s how journaling can guide you through career and business growth:

1. Visualizing and journaling is a solid first step towards making a career change or developing a business plan. It helps clarify and prioritize that which you want to concentrate on next. Ari Weinzweig of the wildly popular Zingerman’s company in Ann Arbor, MI states , “To be clear, a vision is not a strategic plan. The vision articulates where we are going; the plan tells us how we’re actually going to get there.”1

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