During my undergraduate years I grew concerned that I wasn’t finding my path—interested in many topics and unsure which direction to take. Experimenting with odd jobs and a variety of courses, I could not seem to connect the dots of what I was doing with where I was going. Yet along the way I found inspiration from the mentors, counselors, professors, and coaches who helped me navigate that confusing maze of possibilities.

In the years to come I would earn my Master’s degree in social work, provide counseling in the community, start a pet care business, and obtain coach training. With the support of mentors and colleagues, my years of education, training, and experiences came together to form a clear picture. A vision for how a compassionate and genuine career coach can help bridge the gap between feeling stuck and moving forward. I developed my own coaching philosophy and style—one that seeks to highlight people’s unique set of values, strengths, and creativity. Empowering people to build a strong foundation for whatever they’re inspired to do next.

With more than seven years in the business, I know that an effective coach is someone who possesses more than just a listening ear and a toolkit of questions and assessments. It’s someone who has a diverse range of experiences, knows how to listen deeply and trust instincts, and finds value and wisdom in everyone’s story. My clients learn from the stories and successes of the clients who've come before them. That's the kind of real world experience that can only come from being a seasoned coach who's had success working with people of all ages, industries, career levels, backgrounds, and locations. Take a look at my testimonials page for a sample of those success stories.

My coaching trusts in people's inherent resourcefulness and ability to accomplish amazing things. A process that has helped a diverse range of clients develop careers in: professional writing, website design, entrepreneurial start-ups, horticulture, photography, social services, nonprofits, management, consulting, corporate communications, freelancing, the entertainment industry, and more. I take an integrative approach to coaching, meaning I’m influenced by the wisdom and best-practices of numerous disciplines and approaches.

2019 marks my 9th year of coaching, and what an honor it has been to work with hundreds of clients all of the world!

My Professional Training Includes:

  • Mentor Coaching Foundations Program – MentorCoach Corporation

  • Master of Social Work (MSW), Interpersonal Practice and Mental Health – University of Michigan

  • Internship in community mental health counseling and supervised employment in crisis counseling

  • Graduate Certification in Holistic Health Care – Western Michigan University

  • Bachelor of Arts in English – Michigan State University

In addition to coaching, I write Psychology Today’s Design Your Path blog and have been featured on numerous personal development websites and media outlets. As a preferred career coach for both the University of Michigan Alumni Association and Michigan State University Alumni Association, I'm proud to offer a discounted rate to current students and alumni. Please feel welcome to inquire with me directly or contact with school's alumni association.



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