More than just getting a job, this is about creating a fulfilling career.

Brad did an excellent job of helping me rethink and feel confident in my skills and experience, focus my job search, and look at options that I hadn’t previously considered. When it came down to a couple of positions I was very excited about, his guidance helped me to create a much more polished resume, and a cover letter that brought the attention to the best of my skills, and appropriately addressed potential red flags. I ended up getting a position that was posted nationally, and the search committee said I was a “strikingly good fit” for their position. I am excited to begin! I would highly recommend Brad to others who are looking to focus and define their job search, and to polish their resumes and cover letters.

You have far too much to offer to be feeling so stuck. Your unique combination of interests, talents, and strengths is needed in today's workforce. Brad's full suite of career services has helped people just like you develop career clarity and make career transitions. He offers a full range of career services complete with career exploration, resume & cover letter help, strengths & skills assessment, career identity development, interview preparation, industry transition strategy, job search best practices... plus the motivation, accountability, and sincere support that one would expect from a successful results-oriented career professional.

Simply looking for resume help? With one call Brad can help you craft a resume that positions you for your next career move.

Unsure what to do next with your career and too overwhelmed to figure things out on your own? Brad helps break down the overwhelm and manage the change.



Brad's career services guide you through a methodical but flexible process for clarifying career-life direction.

Identifying problems that hold you back. Brainstorming solutions that value your strengths and individuality. Creating an action plan that achieves results.



Brad's coaching challenges ineffective habits and helps build a strong foundation for growth and change.

That foundation is built on the discovery of your core values, strengths, talents, interests, needs, desires, personal style, life story, and future goals.



Brad understands that growth and change can be exciting, frustrating, and scary.

He creates a creative and nonjudgmental environment for empowering, supporting, and motivating you through the change process - at a pace that respects your busy schedule and understands that change takes time.

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